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Invest in your greatest asset:
Your people.

Building Stronger Healthcare Systems:
Customizable Solutions for Transformative Results

Discover a wide range of adaptable tools and resources specifically created to assist your organization in achieving its goals while also ensuring financial responsibility.

Our solutions help:

  • Standardize and enhance the nurse orientation process
  • Cultivate a culture that prioritizes patient and unit outcomes
  • Foster a positive work environment where nurses thrive
  • Promote professional growth

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83% of unit leaders saw an increase in new nurses' ability to identify changes in the stability of their acutely or critically ill patients after completing Essentials of Critical Care Orientation.

The average positive fiscal impact of each nurse-led Clinical Scene Investigator program team is $673,000.

Over 125,000 skilled and dedicated nurses have validated their expertise and hold AACN certifications.

Beacon units and units that are in the process of obtaining Beacon recognition reported healthier work environments and higher quality of patient care than non-Beacon units.

All resources and tools are developed by nursing experts specifically for acute, progressive and critical care nurses.