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Provide Essential Staffing Relief to Your Units

With Our Comprehensive Orientation Solutions

Designed with precision to address the unique requirements of newly onboarded and transitioning nursing professionals specializing in acute, progressive, and critical care, our cutting-edge approach is proven to provide a more efficient transition from orientation to independent patient care, helping provide the indispensable support your unit needs.




Quickly Pinpoint Learning Opportunities for New Nurses
Educators who begin orientation with the AACN Knowledge Assessment Tool as a pre-evaluation tool have a better understanding of patient care knowledge gaps and educational needs of each individual nurse, allowing them to easily create personalized learning plans for each orientee.  
Address Knowledge Gaps with Precision
Knowledge gaps and learning needs identified by the assessment tool can be addressed through personalized educational content using Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO).
Ensure New Nurses Are Ready For The Challenges Ahead
Nearing the end of orientation educators can use the AACN Knowledge Assessment Tool again as a post-test to confirm that the identified knowledge gaps and educational needs have been successfully addressed.
AACN Also Provides Several Other Onboarding Solutions That Include:
  • Icon-ECG ECG and dysrhythmia monitoring
  • Icon-EPCCO Pediatric critical care

  • Icon-ENCCO Neonatal critical care

Invest in your greatest asset:
Your people.

Take advantage of volume-based tiered pricing structures that offer enticing discounts on a per-transaction basis. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can also receive an additional competitive bundle and add-on discounts for combining ECCO and the AACN Knowledge Assessment Tool.
Receive More Information on AACN's Orientation Solutions
Receive More Information on AACN's Orientation Solutions

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