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Fundamental Skills for Nurse Managers

Attract, Build and Retain Nurse Leaders

With Fundamental Skills for Nurse Managers (FSNM)

What is FSNM?

FSNM is an online course designed to support nurses who are new to their leadership role, considering a leadership advancement opportunity or for those who need to refresh their managerial skills.


Learn more about AACN’s FSNM course by downloading our product overview. In this product guide, you’ll learn how FSNM:
Icon-Effective Decision-Making Develops confidence to empower nurse leaders with the skills they need to anticipate and facilitate change
Icon-Work Groups Provides knowledge and tools to promote a safe and healthy work environment
Icon-Online Courses Features up-to-date, interactive and self-paced education that fits a nurse’s busy schedule
Icon-AJCC Covers key areas such as HR, finance management, quality and safety, and more
Icon-Recommended Supports retention by increasing professional development opportunities

Invest in your greatest asset:
Your people.

Fundamental Skills for Nurse Managers is part of AACN’s Enterprise Nursing Solutions. Through its Enterprise Nursing Solutions, AACN offers hospitals and healthcare organizations proven, ready-made products and services to help reduce patient risk and improve the patient experience by investing in acute, progressive and critical care nurses.
Receive More Information on FSNM
Receive More Information on FSNM